Our Services


Design and Selections

Let us connect you with our designers and suppliers to work together to achieve your construction objectives while keeping your budget in mind.  Integration between the designer, and us as your builder, is key to ensuring that what you have as a vision, will match up with your budget reality.  The same care is taken during product selections such as flooring, cabinetry, plumbing and lighting fixtures to name a few.  These selections have significant impact on your budget, therefore close attention needs to be made to theses areas to ensure a project completes on budget.


Project Management

With over 20 years of experience working in greater Victoria, our connections and relationships with local municipalities, suppliers, and tradesman, contributes to our ability to achieve successful projects.  You will find our associated tradesman to be personable, courteous, professional, and skilled at their craft.  Our longstanding working relationships allow for a respectful and positive environment, which results in the highest levels of workmanship.  Understanding that we are all a team working towards a common goal,is imperative to a our projects success.

Completing projects both on time, and on budget is key.  Although unlimited factors can alter both, constant monitoring, and client communication is essential.  Any deviations to either is immediately communicated, justified, and approved by you the client.


Finished Product

Our attention to the details of your project from start to finish, help ensure that your dreams and vision, are truly realized at completion.  From initial consultation, to the move in, we pride ourselves in our connection with you the client, and your needs.  This relationship allows us to take your vision, and truly make it your reality.